Screpy - Website analysis tool

How Screpy helped me to improve my website

Saturday, December 11, 2021



In this blog, I will discuss a new tool I recently bought called Screpy and how it helped me improve my web applications. I purchased this lifetime deal for only 55$ which I think is a steal. Let’s talk about what Screpy is.

Screpy is an AI-powered tool that can help you identify the pain points on your site. It will do a thorough analysis and provide you with a detailed report of all the problems found. It can analyze anything from technical issues, SERP(Search Engine Results Page), page speed, website uptime, and such problems that can harm your website’s overall performance. It provides comprehensive reports about the problems it caught during analysis. The report will also include suggestions and recommendations for fixing those nagging problems, which means there is no guesswork for us!

Screpy features that helped me improve my websites

Website crawler

I first use Screpy’s Crawler to see what’s wrong with my website. After scanning a website, Screpy knows if there are any broken pages, pages that have the wrong syntax, canonical pages that are not being followed, if the page has meta viewport or meta robots tags that are not being followed, wrong HTML info, slow pages, any server-side errors, or if there are any console errors on load.

Page Speed Monitoring

As a developer, One of my favorite features is how they handle checking the page speed to get the core web vitals for me. It saves me a lot of time since I don’t need to manually check my Chrome’s lighthouse for each of my pages. I just need to set what pages I need to get information, and Screpy will do the hard work, in a few minutes it will display information about my pages’ performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO results.


Aside from being a badass website analyzer, It is also a tool that can analyze a web page and show how my keywords rank in the search engines. It has a lot of features that let me see the keyword density, SEO errors, and other important details about my web page. This app helped me identify SEO problems and fix them by providing suggestions for optimization in order to rank higher in search engines. I also like how their SEO dashboard presented me with easy-to-understand updates of my overall ranking and other analytics data.

Content Analysis

Screpy also helped me to improve a web page’s content by showing me problems that I did not even care about when I was developing my websites such as missing titles, long titles, short titles, missing descriptions, long descriptions, short descriptions, missing H1, low content ratio, low word count, duplicate titles, duplicate description, and duplicate H1.

Room for improvement

As per every application, Screpy is far from being perfect. Although it is beginner-friendly, some of their designs choices like showing a button that does not do anything make me scratch my head. Unlike some of the similar tools that I have used, using Screpy on a mobile device is not easy compared to when using on a bigger screen. Even though I got a lifetime Pro license, there are still features that are only available to another license tier which in a way is fair.


Given the price when I purchased Screpy, I’m very happy with the features that I’m getting even though there are some things I don’t like. I hope there will be more updates so that it could compete better with other similar tools out there.