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Carlo Gino

Carlo Gino Catapang

Frontend Developer at Tre

 Stockholm, Sweden


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Senior Software Engineer

 (Software Engineer)

I'm just starting to do awesome stuff

Connect with me if you have a project in mind

August 2, 2022


July 31, 2022

Senior Software Engineer

 (Software Engineer)

Part of O2O team responsible for the following:

  • • Developing features for the admin web portal of the FairPrice web and mobile applications using React
  • • Improving legacy code by adhering to modern React practices
  • • Improving the code quality by writing better tests

September 19, 2021


September 16, 2021

UI Java Full Stack Developer

 (Software Engineer)

• ReportX - Using web-based technologies, users can design a template (Similar to Crystal Report), configure a data source (CSV, Excel, database, S3, etc.), and set scheduled generation.

PDFs will be generated from the template, but different output based on multiple factors.

• File Browser - In-house simple store solution; Following the bucket model of storing files; Capable of creating a profile for individuals and groups; Capable of whitelisting/blacklisting filetypes and actions to be performed

• Chatbot - In-house solution to reduce repetitive queries. The Client-side is used by the front office to reduce interaction with the back office regarding redundant queries. Admin side enables the owner to train the bot, provides analytics for users/questions.

• eDoc - Document repository for Post-trade document; End to end solution to manage and deliver documents to clients via dedicated UI or via email

• Barclays Blockchain Hackaton 2019 (Overall Winner) - Led UI development for blockchain application

March 3, 2019


November 30, 2018

Associate Consultant

 (Software Engineer)

• Led development of CapGenie Web, an internal website used for employee management

• Part of feature team responsible for developing CapGenie Mobile

• Refactored poorly written code to improve performance, readability, and maintainability

• Led the initiative to transition CapGenie Mobile from Cordova to React Native

September 26, 2017


September 21, 2017

Research and Development Engineer

 (Software Engineer)

Research & Development Engineer II (5G Feature Team)

• Led the initiative to re-engineer poorly written modules and project in compliance with SOLID principles

• Part of feature team responsible for developing 5G Mobile Simulator

• Led the overall architecture of Software Component Testing Framework for automated module testing

• Created utility web apps to improve team’s productivity

 o Test Server monitoring tool

 o Root Cause Analysis manager

Research & Development Engineer I (BTS Site Manager Team)

• Developed BTS Site Manager, an application used to operate BTS remotely

• Worked in an in-house web application used to organize domain-specific test cases

• Implemented java-based application used to validate BTS configurations

August 13, 2014




March 30, 2014

BS Computer Engineering


June 6, 2010


March 4, 2010

BS General Engineering


June 3, 2007


March 1, 2007

General Education

 (High School)

June 6, 2004